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Lykke Lykke Lykke

Recently there’re a lot of historical changes made by Lykke developers team. In early June they added ethereum to its exchange. So now one of the most popular cryptocurrencies can be found in all Lykke wallets available for trade. As stated by Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke, the integration of the Ethereum blockchain, will bring to their platform a new dimension of trading. The developers team are going to make Lykke an ERC20-token wallet to engage with all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which will enable Lykke to offer more than 95 percent of all cryptographic tokens on the market. But Lykke Exchange trading platform continues improving.
Another historical change is integration of first-of-its-kind offchain settlement capability based on Payment Channels approaches introduced by Lightning Network technologies. It makes traders be settled almost instantaneously. As claimed by Mr Olsen, this solution is game-changer not just for Lykke, because this new approach will help to make trading currencies with all the security safeguards of the Blockchain as quickly as making a withdrawal from an ATM.
And on the background of all these history-making changing the price for this cryptocurrency is increasing. Now the free float market capitalization is over $60 million. As for the price, we are watching a stable rate for a coin which is striving to $0.40 for a coin. So there shouldn’t be any risks of unexpected sell-offs associated with a rapid increase of the LKK price.

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