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The world’s first crowdfunding eco-platform will be started soon. The project is initiated by the start-up Blockchain EcoToken whose team consists of specialists in the field of blockchain technologies, as well as environmentalists and environmental companies. The main partner and consultant of the project is Greenpeace, in addition, currently, negotiations are in progress with various eco-funds, including Avaaz and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The EcoStarter platform will offer two types of investments: charity in the environment and investing in commercial eco-projects. Thus, the platform will not only help nature but also participate in the creation of plants for recycling, treatment facilities and other facilities for which an investor will be able to receive shares or investment options. The main currency of the platform is EcoToken (ETS). At present, the value of the currency is $0.10 for one ETS. The Blockchain EcoToken project is currently at the PreSale stage and soon goes to the ICO.

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