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Buildon ZIL awardee Ginco Wallet is developing multi-blockchain wallets to make crypto easy with simple and clean UI. They will be developing Web3.go for Zilliqa. Share ZIL’s QR code and get ZIL from Ginco. Ginco is joining the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant! This is reported on the official Twitter of  Ginco Wallet. Ginco is the safe and secure crypto wallet app. Supporting Bitcion, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and ERC20.

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The purpose of P2PS ICO, brought to you by P2P Solutions Foundation, is to bring you a system through which you can exchange confidential digital assets or files with absolutely no interference from any third party, not even an administrator. P2PS is a fully functional product that has no comparable substitutes, alternatives or parallels on a global level.

P2PS is the world’s first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer to peer, interference-free, digital communications platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent.

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