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Hello! Who wants to manage the pool? An interesting question is it? The Kyber Network partners with Protofire to provide anyone to operate a trustless KyberDAO Pool. According to a Kyber, “New trustless smart contract proxy will allow anyone to be a non-custodial pool operator without developing new smart contracts”. Protofire is a blockchain development firm that specializes in helping blockchain projects ship decentralized applications, elaborate smart contracts, robust developer tools, or improve performance/cost of oracles. What will this give the Kyber Network community, our expert Alex understood! Alex is your word.

  • I speak the wrong language. Sorry friends for my Danish. Kyber Network plans to update its Katalyst liquidity protocol. As the Kyber ​​team claims, KNC holders can stake their tokens, participate in governance (voting on the KyberDAO), and earn ETH rewards. Kyber will be the only DeFi protocol that has a deflationary staking token through which ETH rewards and token burns are determined by actual network and DeFi usage.
  • Thanks, Alex. With you was the news KCN and I am their presenter Alice. See you later!

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