KCN: Trade the Index Token from CryptoNote

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Trade the Index Token from CryptoNote

cryptonote.fund enters the market with a unique proposal to combine 13 projects on cryptonote. Among them are famous: Bytecoin, Monero, Turtlecoin, Karbo, Electroneum, Digital note, the remaining projects will be selected by vote. All of them are united by anonymity and small transaction fees. The project has developed its own index defining the average price of all projects participating in the fund. The index is called CNIF – CryptoNote Index Fund and is issued as a smart contract at the Ethereum on the ERC20 standard. The uniqueness of the fund lies in the fact that by combining projects, he enlists their support, which opens up more prospects for the fund’s participants. We will continue to inform you about the development of cryptonote.fund

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