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Hello! Alex is in touch. And the heading “Interesting from the world of Blockchain”. I recently stumbled upon the amazing book “2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide” by Alyze Sam, Co-Founder, Director “Give Nation” project. The book that Sam wrote inspired me and I began to figure out what stable coins are and what benefits they can bring to society. Among the many Stablecoin that are used only for payment, I came across a USDN coin created by the Waves project. I began to study the USDN coin and was pleasantly surprised. The created USDN coin can be used not only for transfers of personal funds, but also to earn on it simply by holding it in your wallet. The bottom line is that a person buys a coin of USDN, sends it to Staking and the coin starts to generate income from 10% to 30% per annum. At the same time, coins are not transferred anywhere from the user’s wallet, they remain in it, and he can withdraw them and transfer them at any time. Thus, only the user controls their money and no one except him. Distribute good all over the world, make reposts, subscribe to our social networks and stay up to date with the latest events and new products from the world of blockchain with us.

And we want to thank Sam for her excellent work in the field of Stablecoin and the blockchain. And to everyone who has not read the 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide, I advise to definitely read. Information about the book can be found on Alyze Sam personal Twitter page and on Amazon.  Share your news with us and we will tell them to the whole world, and maybe this will form the basis of Sam’s new book !!! Alex was in touch with you! All a good profit and be healthy!

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