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ORGT is a non-ico cryptocurrency project that is on the brink of something that we haven’t seen in the cryptospace for a very long time…It appears that this token project is on a similar trajectory as Bitcoin because its founder, Jeffrey Graham, has implemented a similar working model that Satoshi established a decade ago….The only difference is that he is building a brand that is making an noticeable impact on the cryptocurrency world. His video blogs, along with his ability to unite other projects together is quite remarkable.

 Despite the fact that ORGT is only trading a around 1 cent on the Waves Platform, it’s potential should not go un-noticed. In fact, when you consider the fact that the supply is only 10 million and non-reissuable, along with the fact that the marketplace is growing, then you have to give this project a second look.

    ORGT has also started establishing alliance and building partnership, including a recent partnership with the Euro company known as Fructus. Both projects have strong goals for the future and plan to revolutionize the organic food industry in europe, america and turly worldwide. ORGT will be a payment method that will undoubtedly reach a high level of use and mass adoption in the not too distant future. It would be be surprising if this project stay on the ground much longer because it looks like its poised for lift off. Check out what they’re doing and see for yourself! The news release partner STEX.

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