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The one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Stex.com, launched IEO. IEO started with the sale of AZ FundChain project tokens. AZ FundChain is a decentralized money circle and crowdfunding application running on the blockchain. ROSCA funding also known as money circles are growing every day. AZ FundChain is built on blockchain on the backend and runs completely decentralized. Decentralization will eliminate the trust and absurdly high operating fee issues faced by ROSCA funding participants. The native AZT token will be the fuel of smart contracts that are being created within the platform. To participate in the bidding, all users must complete identity verification. Tokens can be purchased for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The main advantage of the IEO is trust. Since crowdsale is held on the exchange, and the counterparty views every project that wants to run IEO. Thus, IEO eliminates fraudulent and questionable projects and minimizes the risks. Keep track of which projects will launch IEO on Stex.com in the IEO section. We wish you all successful deals! Stay with us.

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