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Officially registered in Estonia platform Counos Escrow, operated by the exchange company Counos OÜ, has developed a  financial cryptocurrency system – Counos Crypto Escrow. Counos Escrow can be used for large peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trades, Bitcoin OTC, real estate, and basically any kind of financial deal. All funds transacted using Counos Escrow are kept in securely Multi signatures Wallet which has 3 private Keys one for Buyer, one Seller, and one for Escrow Agent. All this process takes place with the help of escrow agents. Thus, the contract will not be  fulfilled until parties are satisfied and each of the participants will be sure that he will receive his money or services. Today, Counos OÜ is one of the few officially registered companies that has received licenses for:

– Providing a virtual currency wallet service. License Number FRK000735

– Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency. License Number FVR000842.

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