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Save space on your drives! The Qtum project provides rental storage. As they say in the community message: “This would implement a rent mechanism for all storage consumed in Qtum-x86. The existing EVM infrastructure would be untouched (for now). The rent mechanism would be a somewhat “passive” implementation, requiring no special contract logic in order to be aware of rent, nor to make rent payments on consumed storage. The design would effectively put a cap on the total amount of data a node would need to store, while also putting a cap on the total search space lightweight SPV nodes need to effectively evaluate and interact with smart contracts. The changes to the Qtum-x86 design incurred by this can be broken into 3 parts:

  • DeltaDB Repropagation and rent behavior.

  • Smart Contract behavior for “sleeping” state.

  • Method of “waking” sleeping state.

First, the terms used for different states of.. state

  • “active” state, this is state that has had an appropriate rent payment keeping it alive and easily accessible on the blockchain.

  • “sleeping” state, this is state which has not had a rent payment in the appropriate period, and can not be directly accessed by smart contracts without being repropagated via transaction.

  • “waking” state, this is the action of restoring sleeping state into active state so that it can once again be accessed directly by smart contracts. Detailed information on the link below this video. The news release partner STEX.com.

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