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Polish crypto exchange has deceived users. According to money.pl: “The cryptocurrency platform Coinroom has disappeared from the market. And with her clients’ money. The company’s president collapsed underground. – This is a calculating cheater – wrote one of the injured people. We learned about the problems of the Coinroom exchange customers from one of our readers. The platform ceased to work overnight, and with it the money of customers disappeared: – Coinroom was registered in 2016, and a year later a website was launched. Customers could open accounts on it and sell cryptocurrencies for sale. They could also exchange traditional currencies for digital funds. That was until the second of April this year. Users got a laconic email with information about the termination of the contract. They got one day to pay out the money they collected. After this time, you had to contact the stock market individually regarding withdrawals. All this was in accordance with the Coinroom regulations, which were signed by users. The news release partner STEX.com.

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