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Hello blockchain community! I want to share news with you, Neo, one of the leading for developer platform, has launched the innovative acceleration Neo3  Preview2, which provides many new features and extensions for developers.

According to the official press release, Neo3 Preview2 will include a number of new features and extensions: – Upgraded NeoVM and Neo Core: Offering instruction performance which is up to 16 times more powerful than prior versions, NeoVM has also been decoupled from the chain with a modular design which will enhance the extensibility of Neo’s protocol. – More flexible and powerful Neo3 smart contract system: Aside from offering complete support for Neo3 smart contracts, Preview2 also includes various improvements such as permission control, contract ID, and JSON friendliness to facilitate Neo3 migration and tool development. I just told you about some of Neo’s innovations. More information on the project website and on social networks. Subscribe to our social, write comments and like. We wish the Neo community development and prosperity. Alex worked for you!

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