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Rare Metal Mining, a Singapore-based holding company for the mining of precious metals, has entered into a partnership with the MarketPeak investment platform.

Rare Metal Mining is in the process of jointly owning a license for the exploration of gold and copper deposits with an area of ​​2,398 hectares, located in Mongolia, referred to as the “Gold Mine”. According to preliminary results of the geological scan, the gold mine is estimated at 100 million euros. Rare Metal Mining plans to sell a stake in the Gold Mine through tokens – Goldmine Tokens. 50,000,000 tokens will be associated with 50,000,000 shares of Rare Metal Mining. 1 token = 1 share. The funds raised will be used to purchase and develop the mine. Rare Metal Mining plans to launch dividend payments within 36 months of launch. The planned dividend payment period exceeds 10 years. This will be achieved through the use of new innovative technology for geological scanning using resonant light spectroscopy. As well as a combination of partnerships at an early stage of selection and creation of joint ventures with reliable and capable companies for the extraction and sale of mineral resources.

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