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Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange adds EMCSSL technology to its platform.

EMCSSL – decentralized identity management, passwordless logins, and client SSL certificates using Emercoin NVS. The innovation will allow users to log into their account using the EmerSSL blockchain application. The infrastructure sits on the Emercoin cryptocurrency blockchain, using the blockchain as a decentralized trust store of hash sums for client SSL-certificates. Certificates can be generated by clients locally, without any central authority, and quickly replaced as needed… The uniqueness of the proposal is in the complete decentralization of the system, i.e. the lack of a group of servers running under a single authorization. In my opinion, this is a very cool technology and as they say, “there is never too much security”. I wonder how other cryptocurrency exchange platforms will respond to EMCSSL technology, for example: Binance, BKEX, P2PB2B, LATOKEN, VinDAX and BitForex and many others. We will monitor the development and implementation of EMCSSL. Stay with us. See you soon!

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