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Hello blockchain supporters! A bit of history that is being created today. Now one of the most amazing events of 2020, Virtual Blockchain Week, is taking place. Virtual Blockchain Week has gathered many spireks in one place among which the founders Joel Comm and Travis Wright themselves. Joel Comm is New York Times bestselling author, blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer, futurist and eternal 12-year old. Travis Wright is the former global social media strategist at Symantec for the Norton brand and is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Technology Officer at CCP.Digital, a Kansas City & San Francisco-based digital ad & content agency. The guys also have their own YouTube channel dedicated to crypto. In general, these are cool guys! I wish them good luck. If you haven’t joined Virtual Blockchain Week, be sure to do it. This is a cool event. Stay with us.

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