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Interesting from the world of blockchain! Hello everyone, Alex is in touch!

Today I want to talk with you about pressing issues, identity theft. With the development of the World Wide Web, the risk of theft and dissemination of personal data has increased. Every day, thousands of user data are stolen and then sold. How can protect yourself? You can protect your data from theft using additional applications. One of these applications is Orchid is a VPN client, VPN service powered by own cryptocurrency. Startup Orchid has developed an application on the blockchain, which allows users to protect their data on the world wide web. One of the benefits of using Orchid is that you can share your account with an unlimited number of devices and people. Manage one account for your friends, family and all their devices. The task of Orchid is to create a decentralized Internet protocol that cannot be tracked and makes it possible to remain anonymous on the Internet. A very cool application, exactly what the user needs now. And I want to say that I have already installed the application on my phone. And now no one can track me. Protect your data with Orchid. See you!

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