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Qtum will have a hard fork. What will be new and why hard fork is needed. Qtum shared in an official press release: “

This will be the first hard fork since the launch of Qtum Mainnet. It includes four consensus-related QIP upgrades – QIP-5: Add signature verification to the output script of the contract transaction.

– QIP-6: Add btc_ecrecover precompiled contract to the Qtum EVM;

– QIP-7: Upgrade the Qtum EVM to the latest Ethereum EVM Constantinople.

– QIP-9: Modify the difficulty adjustment algorithm to make the block time more stable.

Common updates do not modify any consensus rules. Even if some nodes do not complete the upgrade, the network will not fork because the software update is backward compatible with older versions. However, since the changes involved in this update modify the consensus rules, updated nodes and the non-upgraded nodes will not be compatible, leading to a hard fork. The news release partner STEX.com.

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