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AltCoinLog – one of the leading information resources in the Russian-speaking world about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralized technologies, has entered into partnership relations for providing information support: ARPA, Filenet, Waltonchain, Algorand and IOST. AltCoinLog specialists advocate the development of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) and their distribution in Russian-speaking countries and around the world. The AltCoinLog team will be present official projects news releases: 

– ARPA – world’s first privacy-preserving computation network based on MPC. ARPA enables private smart contracts on blockchains acting as a layer 2. 

– Filenet (FN) – the Global Leader of Distributed Storage.

– AltCoinLog will also cover activities: Waltonchain, Algorand and IOST.

Stay on top of the latest developments from the world of blockchain with AltCoinLog.

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