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Today, few people will be surprised by electronic payments, payment for services through electronic systems on the blockchain. But what if all the necessary services for will be in one place? What do you think about the reason why people do not need to have several accounts on other resources, a lot of cryptocurrency wallets, a lot of credit and debit cards. EcomToken Wallet is currently in version 4.0 and currently supports the main coins in the market such as: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, True USD, USD Coin, ZRX, Maker (MRK), BAT, Huobi Token (HT), VeChain (VEN). The wallet is full of cash withdrawal, cash receipt, swap coin between ECK and coin in wallets easily through EcomToken’s AI and Smart Contract. Users can send their coins to the EcomToken wallet. Based on the value of the conversion to USD per day according to the market rate (Coinmarketcap), the user will receive a daily interest that the system automatically pays for a fixed time. At the same time, when the value of coins in EcomToken wallet is rising by market, the customer can withdraw at any time to have the liquidity immediately, and send it back to receive interest from the system when the coin’s purchase price in the price acceptable. This ensures a steady return to the investor even in the short term, and at the same time increasing the income to customers when the market rises. The Wallet of the EcomToken ecosystem is capable of tokenization of all products purchased and sold in the system and the conversion of the base coin of the ecosystem is ECK. With this feature, every product in the ecosystem can be used for trading, exchanging with coins in the market such as BTC, ETH… Through the pair ECK/BTC, ECK/ETH… and thereby benefit from the up-and-down of the cryptocurrency market. Good luck, dear friends!

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