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Hello, blockchain community! Alex is in touch. Many of us are faced with cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Who knows what is their difference from each other?.. Today I want to tell you about one of the classifications of cryptocurrencies:

– Stablecoins. Perhaps this is one of the most needed digital assets in the blockchain system. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose volatility is minimized by being tied to one or another stable asset, for example, dollar or gold. One of the leading experts in the Stablecoins area is Alyze Sam.

– Currencies Coin. The largest share of all cryptocurrencies falls on this particular type – “money systems” that allow to exchange money. They are most often called “coins.” An example of Currencies Coin are Bitcoin, as well as Litecoin, which appeared as the first fork of Bitcoin.

– Cryptocurrency Exchanges. These are coins issued by exchanges. They were created in order to increase the liquidity of the coins within the framework of the trading platform and help less demanded coins to bargain better.

– Platforms Coins. The most famous platform coin – Ethereum.

– Utility Tokens. These tokens are associated with decentralized appl ications.

– Security Tokens. These tokens are issued to investors during the ICO. On their basis, dividends are paid, profit is divided. In some countries they are prohibited. 

I told you one of several classifications of digital assets that is available today. Friends, do you want to know the names of experts in various areas of a decentralized world and cryptocurrencies? Then subscribe to our social networks, like and repost this video. Today we called the name of one expert in the field of Stablecoins – Alyze Sam. In the future, we will name other experts in the blockchain industry. Stay with us not to miss.

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