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Decentralized exchange with escrow function. Registered in Estonia decentralized exchange Counos Decentralized Exchange, provides customers with the ability to exchange assets through escrow. The advantages of this system are that the assets are not staying to the exchange or other individuals. A wallet address is created in the escrow system which acts as an intermediary account which is called a MultiSig wallet (a multi-signature wallet) with three distinct private keys, each for one side of the contract, one for the buyer, one for the seller, and one for the escrow agent. The Cryptocurrency in this wallet can only be accessed with at least two private keys, thus guaranteeing that no party can access the assets alone. Also, users can receive, transfer, buy and trade fiat money using P2P peer-to-peer network. The Counos Decentralized Exchange is registered in the European Union and has all the necessary permits and licenses for operation, with offices and legal entities. Trade Assets Safely. See you later!

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Quite simply STEX cryptocurrency exchange allows you to trade assets of your company for Crypto Currency. The platform facilitates the circulation of crypto currencies through crypto-based instruments, and determination of their market prices. Our platform maintains a high level of professionalism a security for your personal.

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