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On May 6, 2020, Ravencoin planned an update to the Ravencoin v4.0.0 system, which will include:

– Mining Algorithm switch from x16rv2 to KawPow. KawPow – the algorithm is derived from ProgPOW algo with parameters adapted to Ravencoin. KawPow is the third mining algorithm for Ravencoin, which is fundamentally different from the previously used X16R and X16Rv2 algo. KawPow is an  -resistant mining algorithm that also allowing you to increase the profit of mining not only on Nvidia but also on AMD cards.

– Added changes to the block header to support KawPow.

– Added BIP44 support.

– Add long asset transfer with memo support.

All nodes in the network must be updated to v4.0.0 to May 6, 2020, if user want to stay in the RVN chain. 

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