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Steemit is turning from decentralized blogging platform, to a decentralized communities platform.

From Steem has that it can handle orders of magnitude more transactions than necessary to support an application like Reddit, and thanks to innovations like Hivemind (Hive is a “consensus interpretation” layer for the Steem blockchain, maintaining the state of social features such as post feeds, follows, and communities. Written in Python, it synchronizes an SQL database with chain state, providing developers with a more flexible/extensible alternative to the raw steemd API.). and MIRA (the software solution to Steem’s hardware scalability challenge) it can do so without hitting scalability bottlenecks. The community of Steemit will strive to develop very quickly, no longer need update the blockchain itself in order to improve steemit.com and other Steem-powered applications. Stay with us. See you soon!

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