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Hello friends, now I want to talk with you about a very serious topic.  Not very good news came from the Brave team. The age of technological development is disastrous for the personal data of mankind. The brave has published new data on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to official figures from the Brave: “Two years after the GDPR was first applied, the GDPR is now in danger of failing. Brave reveals why: the governments of EU Member States have not given data protection authorities (DPAs) the tools they need to enforce the GDPR. Brave has examined the number of tech specialists working in each DPA in the European Economic Area. (These are tech investigatiors who have training or roles that are principally technical.) The data reveal just how few expert tech investigators are working to uncover private sector GDPR infringements. Even when wrongdoing is clear, DPAs hesitate to use their powers against major tech firms because they can not afford the cost of legally defending their decisions against ‘Big Tech’ legal firepower”. Friends, be careful on the Internet with your personal data, because they can fall into the wrong hands. I express my gratitude to the Brave team for their help in the struggle for the preservation of personal data and for their work for the benefit of all mankind. You are very cool, keep it up! Alex worked in the studio!

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