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The Brave browser has filed a formal complaint against Google for violating Article 5 (1) b of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets out the “purpose limitation” principle. According to an official statement, Dr Johnny Ryan, Brave’s Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer, filed the complaint with Google’s lead GDPR regulator in Europe, the Irish Data Protection Commission. Johnny Ryan also said: “But merely having everyone’s personal data does not mean Google is allowed to use that data across its entire business, for whatever purposes it wants. Rather, it has to seek a legal basis for each specific purpose, and be transparent about them. But Brave’s new evidence reveals that Google reuses our personal data between its businesses and products in bewildering ways that infringe the purpose limitation principle. Google’s internal data free-for-all infringes the GDPR”. Follow the news of the world of blockchain with us!

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