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South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has denied media claims that the exchange’s Shanghai operations have been affected after the city government’s inspection notice. It is reported by The Block Crypto. “We have one of our blockchain technology research and development teams based in Shanghai and the projects are continuing steadily without pause,” a Bithumb spokesperson told The Block… As well: “Ifeng.com’s report further said that Bithumb’s “official website shows that domestic IP access has been banned” in China. “These reports are untrue,” the Bithumb spokesperson further told The Block, adding that the exchange is focused on bringing out its recently announced native blockchain network, Bithumb Chain. “Bithumb Global attempts to bring all crypto communities together on one simple and decentralized platform. Unity is the key to the development and prosperity of the industry,” Javier Sim, co-founder and managing director of Bithumb Global, told The Block. Reported by The Block Crypto. Stay with us! The news release partner STEX.com.

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