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Hello world of blockchain! Today I want to talk with you about Staking. What is “Staking” and how does it work? Staking is the process of storing funds on a cryptocurrency wallet to provide support for all operations on the blockchain, for which the user receives rewards. Consider the example of the operation of “Staking” on the example of the Counos platform. Users can receive rewards for storing Counos Coin or Counos X in their wallet according to their chosen plan. Profits can be accrued daily or annually. Features of “Staking” on the Counos platform are:

  – Simple conditions to begin staking.

  – 3-month to annual plans to store coins and make money.

  – Full access to the balance, and the possibility of withdrawal before the due date.

And perhaps the biggest advantage is that during Staking period, your coins will be store in a wallet that only you have its private key. You are watching KCN news. See you later!

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