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HEX ecosystem, which individual is the owner of its data, will be built and expanded to connect to the various health information.

We also receive medical treatment and diverse tests like radiography at the hospital.

However, it was not easy to manage our own health data by ourselves because of medical data security issues.

HEX has paid close attention to these medical data. HEX aggregates all scattered health data and standardizing it according to the international standard and securely encrypting and distributing data in a blockchain. With HEX, we can easily access to our various health information and medical data and unnecessary Medical data from survey can be used as important statistics for research. Radiation dose information also can be used to manage radiation devices. And these data will help to develop global guidelines.

Managing lots of health information and medical data, to managing health by ourselves.

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MXRT/MartialArtsCoin is a cryptocurrency token built upon the Stellar network. Given Stellar’s remarkable speed and reliability in transaction, MXRT/MartialArtsCoin’s chief purpose is to replace fiat-based, banking and remittance transactions across international borders as well as for intranational trade.

Our other, specific use-case allows for one-stop, inexpensive, nearly instantaneous transactions for event ticketing, tuition and billing use, pro-shop/concession, facility/class attendance tracking/payment, and any currency function now spread across traditional cards, bank accounts, and billing company, fee-based platforms.

We are working to become the currency of the future for all uses within the growing sphere of athletes, students, and fans in the Martial Arts ecosystem.

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