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TronChat is a decentralized app that is built on the TRON network. It is designed to allow users to earn TRX through simple social media interactions. It is reported on the official tweet of the company TRON Foundation. “Combining a list of features and social media functionality, TronChat calls itself the “blockchain baby” of Instagram, Venmo and Telegram.” reports THE DAILY HOLD. The development of the application for use is 60%.

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Showcoins pool is a young teamm with the goal to provide better solutions for miners.

POOL is based on Open source YIIMP project and it on the testing stage
Key features:
–   Autoexchange in BTC (100% temporary is turned off)
–   More exchange markets  ( 10% like cryptobridge support)
–   More detailed clients dashboard (90% Testing)
–   More friendly user interface (90%% Testing)
–   Temporary coins storage for STAKING (At the design stage)
–   At the same time we are working on improving profit model buy adding trading solutions (At the design stage)
–   NiceHash integration (100%)

That’s not the final set of improvements we are going to provide. More features coming soon

Moreover we are open for any suggestions/request on adding new algos/coins.
Right now we are looking for a small group of miners who would like to join us on testing new algos/coins  with almost 0 fee (approximately 0.2%) .

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