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Theft of cryptocurrencies has become an industry with a profit of about $200 million a year according to the results of research carried out by the British firm Autonomous Research. The director of the company’s fintech strategy, Lex Sokolin, says: “In less than a decade, hackers have stolen bitcoins and ethereums worth one billion and two hundred million dollars ($1.2 billion). Given the explosive growth in the value of currencies in 2017, today this amount would be much more”.  A recent study held of Cisco Talos revealed a vulnerability of blockers that could lead to information leakage. However, the new reality creates new opportunities for companies in cybersecurity. Many firms can be redesigned to protect innovative systems. According to WinterGreen Research (USA), the market for software and services to protect blockhouses could grow to $ 355 billion. In 2017, it was only $ 259 million.

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