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Goodness will come to the banking business as well. The company PlusCoin is preparing to launch in the test mode the original product – an analog of the bank deposit – Crypto Deposit. The peculiarity of the product is that it is safe in operations, it is based on Blockchain and a smart contract, the profitability of the deposit is calculated automatically in PlusCoin. The technological basis of the product is the platform Marketplace. Crypto Deposit will be of interest to token holders, they will be able to receive revenues from owning the coins of PLC. Those who successfully trade at crypto exchanges will be guaranteed to receive income from the deposit. The large funds will provide themselves with an increase in the volumes of their PLCs. The next product to be released by the DS PLUS (PlusCoin) team is the Crypto Scoring. Its purpose is to form user ratings in order to encourage further lending to consumer goods in the currency of PlusCoin.

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