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Zenswap Network is not just a community-driven but also a community-focused project. All campaigns we launch is always a way to reward the community with their help to drive the project forward. With our most awaited Community Rewards Campaign, up to a total of 1,000,000,000 ZNT tokens will be given away. In this campaign, we give early stage and new members of the family an opportunity to get their reward for our social channels to grow and help spread our presence to a wide range of audiences and possible supporter.

In able to be eligible for a reward, a supporter needs to collect points by doing a number of tasks. The more task you complete, the more points you get. And your points will be used to determine how much ZNT tokens you will receive from the ZNT pool reward. This is reported on the official Medium Zenswap Network.

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MXRT/MartialArtsCoin is a cryptocurrency token built upon the Stellar network. Given Stellar’s remarkable speed and reliability in transaction, MXRT/MartialArtsCoin’s chief purpose is to replace fiat-based, banking and remittance transactions across international borders as well as for intranational trade.

Our other, specific use-case allows for one-stop, inexpensive, nearly instantaneous transactions for event ticketing, tuition and billing use, pro-shop/concession, facility/class attendance tracking/payment, and any currency function now spread across traditional cards, bank accounts, and billing company, fee-based platforms.

We are working to become the currency of the future for all uses within the growing sphere of athletes, students, and fans in the Martial Arts ecosystem.

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