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Pluscoin Pluscoin Pluscoin

Create a Fork of PlusCoin. This is the decision of participants of DS PLUS PlusCoin closed strategic session. Numerous experts and the main staff of the team discussed the further development and the way out of the current crisis, which was caused by unfair actions on the part of large tokenholders. One of the large tokenholders, violating the agreement, made a withdraw a part of the coins on the stock exchange, thus reduce the price PLC/ETH. Another partner started the movement of fiat funds on bail PlusCoin, which contradicts the concluded contract. In addition, there were large thefts of PlusCoin from the wallets of large tokenholders. As a result, the released fork coin pool will be distributed among the ICO participants, based on the amount of the funds invested by them. Until the tenth of May, the issued PlusCoinNew (PLCN) coins will be distributed among tokenholders and will be listed on the Etherdelta and Forkdelta exchanges. Exchange coins PLC to PLCN will be available until the tenth of June. The integration of the new coin with the P2P platform will be realized before the tenth of May. These actions, developers sure, will lead to the stability and reliability of the coin, as well as exclude the possibility of undermining the economy of the project by unscrupulous business partners.

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