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The blockchain technology cardinally changes the employees industry, revolutionizing the global on-demand workforce through blockchain. There are a lot of such projects like Chronobank, BitJobs and BLOK. Traditional work relationships we know now are being replaced at a rapid rate with more flexible, on-demand options. Blok Network developers sure, they will tear down hierarchies, provide on demand payment, create dynamic teams, and democratize pay using technological advances to increase connections on blockchain. Blok uses smart contracts to eliminate friction regarding time, cost, quality, and transparency in matching workers and employers. Blok’s solution contain the next. Blokpreneurs can browse all of the offer provided by companies, assign relevant offers to themselves, mark them as complete and get paid in BLO tokens. Blok currently has an ongoing ICO, which scheduled to end on the 12th of May, or before, if all tokens are sold. Their token can be seen as a good value since they are offering 5700 BLO tokens for 1 ETH. They are encouraging people from all walks of life to be part of their journey, and not just the big investors.

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